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I don't even know anymore with this guy. I feel like I'm cheating on Jungkook with his ultimate fan. like why Jimin? I... I... I can't pick between Jimin and Jungkook anymore they make life so hard for me like wtf... abcjbcfjkr you guys I'm done with life bye. haha no. Oh I also saw a pigeon today and I wanted to scream someone's name I'm kinda upset with this idol right know for one he kept a really big secret from us and that really hurt me I... I... really thought I can trust him but noooo... he had to lie to his fans... I still love him I just wish he didn't keep a secret form us.
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@JaxomB exactly I'm confused and scared a little
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@DestinaByrd It may be that he's going to college for modern dance. My daughter commented that Jimin looked like a dancer the first time she saw him dance....Ang is/was a dancer for years. Jimin has the grace and moves of a dancer (like Lee Joon does).
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@JaxomB Hm sounds realistic after all he got no jamz 馃槀馃槀
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@destinabyrd @jaxomb the secret has nothing to do with Jimin its about another idol who kept a huge secret from his fans and members.. so don't worry Jimin isn't hiding anything :)
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@PrettieeEmm oh thank the heavens
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