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Takes someone great, strong willed and loving to do what he did.
The only time I can remember him actually hugging his own son.
and at this point when I watched this for the first time, I was pissed off and proud at the same time.
Here is the original frame by frame art. Pretty Epic!
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He just always yelled and complained and when he was strong, he was so arrogant and I didn't like him, like when he fought 19 and cell. I understand his role but at the same time I don't.
@RoronoaLuffy Yeah I get where you're coming from. I think the only time I didn't really like Vegeta was when he was on Namek boasting about being a super saiyan even though I'm sure deep down he already knew he wasn't one. And on top of that as soon as he realized he couldn't beat Frieza and Goku showed he started saying that Goku was the super saiyan. It got really annoying.
Honestly I look past the little personality flaws because he's actually the best example for people in this world from the whole series in my opinion. He works hard for what he wants to achieve, sure he likes to talk which makes people view him as "cocky" but at the same time, he was no prodigy and had to work and train hard for anything he wanted to attain. He has goals, and he does everything he can to reach those goals no matter what! The sheer perseverance and will he has is in itself pure motivation, And for that I will always look up to him. When I was a kid watching Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta was the one I watched the most, from the anime world he taught me the most about how the world works. You want something, you have to work for it because no one gets ahead in life by waiting, being lazy or letting it fall into their lap... Personal reason why I'm such a huge Vegeta fan.
Earns my respect