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As humans we're born with a body
We don’t always like what we have
It's no reason to go crazy and disembody
Our morals ideals and sense of peace
We each have things we wanna change
Hair, eyes, height, weight, gender, or whatever
So we do the best we can to
But that's not always enough
Our minds change instead of our bodies
We worry fear and hate that they won't change
They won't bend to our will and we get sick
So sick that sometimes we take drastic measures
Starving or binge eating cutting or packing
Tucking or stuffing puking or binding
Trying our damdest to become what we wanna see
Being able to look in the mirror and not hate what you see
Instead here's a trick I taught myself
In life there's a saying
“Enjoy the little things”
The same principal applies
To what you see on the outside
Focus on the little things about your body that you like
Your blue eyes thin hair or full chest
Don’t. Forget how your arms look in that vest
The little fat you have on your stomach
Or even the bridge of your nose
Look at the little things
Then who knows
It'll give you little comforts
That your body could be worse
Don’t worry so much that your face contorts
Just smile softly and the small comforts
The ones you find on your body
Then maybe just maybe
You'll realize it's okay