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I am sitting here spazzing over BTS and SHINee and my cat Daegu is just like IDGAF and just stays all relaxed and sleeping in my lap while my stepbrother in the other room is like ouch sis shut up... My cat will actually watch the screen too sometimes... Funniest thing is she will paw at the screen occasionally but only at Jimin and Onew... I think I know who my cat's two biases are...
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@VixenViVi Indeed she does... Lol Jimin is my second favorite and Onew goes back and forth between 2nd and third because of Minho... I think what it all comes down to is 2 places in SHINee which is 1st Key and 2nd all the others while in BTS it goes 1st V 2nd between Jimin and J-Hope and then 3rd everyone else...
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@VixenViVi Cuz all of SHINee and BTS are bias wreckers...
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@KokoroNoTakara Such truth XD ot5 and ot7 haha
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@VixenViVi Omg indeed indeed
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Your cat is smart.
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