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to whipser
whisper, whispering (polite)
let's whisper
The lesson is nice and all but...How do I PRONOUNCE the words
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@StevenFick by reading the gana given underneath :P I've said this before, but I don't include the hiragana or katakana on the more complicated words (verbs) because to truly learn japanese you'll need to be able to read the basic gana alphabet's just as you would the roman alphabet! This is how I was successful learning another language that doesn't use the roman alphabet--its' hard at first but really really worth it in the long run. I make these cards for my own practice so I don't want to rely on the roman alphabet to read them ^-^
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OK thank you
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@StevenFick but you would say "(囁)ささやきます" (whispering) as: sasayakimasu
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