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Otaku Test
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Normal: a pink wig, an ugly scarf, and a camp fire, who am I suppose to think of? Otaku: shut up normal person, you don't know nothing, it's Natsu Dragneel a.k.a Salamader. Son of the fire Dragon Igneel, your such a newb 馃槖馃憮馃憣
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A better question: who doesn't think of Natsu? I haven't even seen Fairy Tail and I immediately thought of the pink-haired dragon boy.
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@desireesowah143 @MacielMorales @HappysaysAye come on now people open your eyes. It's obviously Ash Ketchum
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@MajahnNelson OMG dude you are so right my bad but u forgot about how Ash Ketchum can go super saiyan with pink hair and can shoot flames with these alchemist gloves
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