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I alway told myself I was going to marry Daesung... that dream has died... =( i found true love. goodbye Daesungie oppa.
met this lovely guy at work! decided that since my roomate was gone for the night id ask if he wanted to hang out! he told me he had to pick up his check at the airport a city over ^^ i became very interested in knowing more about him then! weve been together Officially for 1 month and 5 days. though the time is short weve grown so close! im so blessed to have him in my life <3
though i stand out as the korean freak he accepts me for who i am and is even taken interest in it! he watches korean dramas with me and listens to some korean ballads (its more his taste since he listens to classical music ^^)
hes been playing the viola for years now and once i showed him "i love you" by daesung (my favorite song) he told me "im going to have to learn the violin accompanist for this so i can play it for you" he stole my heart... and i dont want him to let go... can i get a "FIGHTING" for a long life together?!?
Fighting πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
Fighting! 😊
FIGHTING! ! β™‘β™‘
So cute! FIGHTING!!!
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