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CHAPTER 1: Thoughts "Yo Jackson" Jackson turned to see Mark and Jinyoung. As usual,Jb and BamBam were with their girlfriends. Youngjae and Yugyeom would be late..again. "Gtfo of my face guys. Not in the mood" Jackson tossed back As Jackson watched his friends leave he wondered how his life would turn out. "Girls girl they love me" he scoffed. How could they resist the school bad boy? CHAPTER 2: The friends Mark-the oldest was the school mystery, carefree quiet guy. Silent but dangerous. Jinyoung-most mature but cool, and lists loose. Jaebum/Jb- cold and mysterious type hence group leader. Youngjae-mature as gets along with everyone. BamBam-cute playboy and flirt. Yugyeon- maknae and fun. Then you had Jackson. Cool bad boy with sharp features. The guy everyone wanted to be and the guys every girl wanted/tries to aviod. Together at JYP High School, the were the group everyone idolized. CHAPTER 3: Thinking Back *FLASHBACK* Like any other day,you walked to school and suddenly noticed him. As you continued walking, and voice calls your name and you turn to see Jackson. "Y/N, can I ask you something?" "Sure I guess" you say quietly "How do you tell someone you like them? Everyone confesses to me and i don't even know what that feels like" Jackson said "Well..." you start out slowly "make them laugh, use a poem or song,do it privately or publicly. Just make sure to tell them what you feel for them and why" "Oh okay. That's not even hard! No wonder why girls love me!" Jackson exclaimed *END FLASHBACK* As you played the conversation in your head you had only one thought. What a jerk! CHAPTER 4: The Incident and Jackson POV As the day came closer and closer to an end,you could feel your stomach growling. "damn it,why did i skip lunch" you thought. "Well its the last period anyways so I'll grab something later"you thought. When the bell rang,you made your way down the stairs rather slowly when you heard your name called. "Yah Y/N" You turned to see Jackson's friends Youngjae, Yugyeom and BamBam. Losing your focus, you lose your balance on the stair you were on and braced yourself for the fall. Instead you found yourself in a pair of arms and open your eyes to see Jackson's face just inches in front of yours. As he started to lean in, Youngjae cleared his voice as he saw the two of you and said "oh.. so you told Y/N that.." Knowing where this was going Jackson ran to cover Youngjae's mouth. BamBam now spoke, "Y/N, were you and hyung doing something" adding a little smirk at the end. "No,nothing "you started to say but Jackson answered "we were gonna kiss but some people interupted. Y/N..shall we just continue here?" as he pulls you close. "Jackson...stop" you say low enough for only the two of you to hear. "Hyung don't do that here. somewhere else please?!" Yugyeom says "Okay. I'll just continue later" Jackson says biting his lips. Leaving you alone speechless *JACKSON'S POV* I talked to her today. Her voice is so cute.. I think I like her... At the end of the day I was looking for Youngjae,Yugyeom and BamBam but I heard Y/N's name called and so i went to see her imstead. I walked up the stairs to see Y/N losing her balance and ran to catch her. In the process I hit my arm in the concrete corner of the stairs but I couldn't let her get hurt. I thought to myself "How is she so clumsy and cute?" I started to lean in but heard Youngjae's voice and stopped. I wish he wasn't there in that moment but I needed him so I left her...alone. I'm a real dumbass for that CHAPTER 5: 1 month and 2 weeks "Y/N, can you give this to Jackson." your best friend Sara said. "Okay what is it,"you asked "It's a christmas gift for him"said Sara happily "Okay unnie"you replied "Mark hyung!" Jackson shouted into the dorm. "Jb,Jinyoung!" he said. With no one answering he calls his youngers,"yah where are you guys?!?" Jackson says half annoyed. "Sorry hyung, someone told that we spray painted the side of the school. Bye hyung we gotta go now" BamBam says quickly. Great! Jackson thought. 2 weeks til Christmas and he had no gift for you. "What do i do With half a song" he thought angrily CHAPTER 6: The Song *confession song* *Hundreds of confessions without success. I feel so unconfident should I just go back?* Jackson POV How do i sing this without messing up? I'm not gonna have the courage.. Jackson you got this come on! *I say I'll confess for sure but it's pointless with no actions in the end. Can't keep my head up in front of you* NEXT DAY *forever young* * The day I first saw your eyes, I saw countless stars in them* " Um friend Sara wants you to have this for a gift " you say shyly *The day when I dressed kinda funny,why that day out of all days. I can't forget that moment, the moment the dazzling you came to me* "Y/N tell her I can't accept it. I have someone special already " Jackson says *You are the best of the best of no one I ever had.I will give you a present so I won't regret.* " Oh okay. Bye" It crushes you a bit to hear that but you still smiled. CHAPTER 7: The confession It was time for lunch and there was an announcement by the bad boy group of JYP High to go to the quad of the school. "Everyone, my best friend Jackson has an important message for Y/N and if you dare mess it up, I will mess up your face" Mark said with a killer stare. "Thanks hyung" Jackson says "Y/N please come up to the stage" he adds quickly As you approached, you got stared from envy to angry to awe. *magnetic* *Why are you so pretty?when I look at you while your smiling with your eyes. it feels like I'll faint. why am I so nervous? the closed you are to me, the bigger it grows* Jackson could only see you in the crowd and more clearly as you approached. His heart beat increasing rapidly. So this is how love feels like? He thought *come to me, you're so magnetic.I'm attracted to all of you. I keep getting shaken up,I'm falling for you more and more. you're fantastic. my dream is to have you. you're the end to my decision* When you get on the stage, your shocked to see a kneeles Jackson in front of you. "Y/N.. I've liked you for some time now and i wasn't sure how to tell you. To be honest I didn't even know if was love until I thought of you everyday. I wasn't sure that my heart was really in love but now I'm sure aabout what it wants. Y/N my heart wants you and it's always going to be you. No matter what happens I will always choose you." As Jackson finishes the song behind to play and sure enough, Jackson's part is first.
I was fangirling while writing this. but I'll have a sequel for this with the main song of "This Star". For people who read "idek" I'm debating whether to put a plot twist or not so look foward to it. Please subscribe! :)