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I know most of us HATE any kind of physical labor and it takes a lot of motivation to continue to be healthy. I'll be helping you guys with some tips and tricks (using your favorite Kpop idols along the way ) on how to become a healthier you, both physically and mentally!

1. Drink Water - Cut out sugary drinks

This one's really easy. All you have to do is carry around a water bottle and make sure to take lots of sips from it! Having carbonated drinks with loads of sugar in them (*cough...coke....*cough) is not good for your teeth or body.

Maybe limit yourself to two cans a month?

2. Have a regular bed time

One thing that might be keeping you from being healthier is your irregular sleep pattern. It stresses your body out and turns you into a crazy person. Have a set bed time and stick to it.

Get plenty of sleep like Suga likes to!

3. Exercise to your favorite music

Just jumping around to your favorite song is a great way to relieve built up stress and have fun. It's also an easy way to get some exercise into your day. Doctors recommend that you have a minimum of 60 minutes of exercise daily.

I find that it's a lot easier when I do it alongside some kpop tunes :)

4. Don't forget to have a healthy diet

Exercising isn't the only part to becoming healthier. I know Onew and Kai love their fried chicken, but it's good to eat all 5 food groups.

Make sure to have fruits, veggies, grains, protein, and dairy for every meal~

If you have allergies or do not eat certain foods (for cultural or lifestyle reasons), there are always substitutions to ensure you get your nutrients!

5. De-stress yourself

Especially with finals coming up, I know a lot of Vinglers out there are getting caught up in their school work. Stop. Breathe.

It's okay to feel overwhelmed here and there, but it shouldn't be happening every day.

Find fun, stress-relieving activities to do and it'll definitely give you time to catch your breath.

Good Luck, everyone!

I hope I've helped at least a little bit... Living a healthy lifestyle will ultimately make you a happier person :) I work out to this playlist on my Sound Cloud. Also, don't be afraid to buy some cute workout clothes. It'll help with your motivation

Let me know how it goes!

Well done! Im feeling healthier already, just by reading ur card!!!
This. Is. Awesome!!! I love your tips, especially working out to K-pop ^.^ all great ideas!
Great helpful tips!! Thanks so much for sharing this!
@daljiyong I actually just bought a massive mandala coloring book. Hopefully it works!
there are meditation coloring books meant to de stress :) you should look up some methods online. I hope you find a method that works for you! @Ercurrent
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