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What is Cosplay? Curious? My Documentary ~ This was a class project in which i had focus on the editing part . i had found the individual videos online and i ended up adding it all together . then adding audio from some friends and tunes i found online as well. (tried to credit everyone for it ,if you see your stuff lmk ill credit you ^3 ) enjoy ~
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yeah your right about the underground thing , but im glad more people got into it because the more people the better it gets @misterE
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Nice, is that what you are studying in school @wendycraftq? I studied technical journalism in college so I got to do a lot of editing and shooting too!
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i used to study broadcasting and editing for a while but i realized thats a hobby of mine id like to do as side work . im a biology major rn but thats cool . do you have any videos online? id like to check them out haha @nicolejb
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Hahaha nah nothing I'm super proud of. Just like school projects too @wendycraftq I want to get back into it though. I have a nice DSLR that I should be playing with more often!
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ohhhh yes grt back into it ,thats why im doing my own youtube blog too and making more videos because i just wanna edit lol
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