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What is Cosplay? Curious? My Documentary ~ This was a class project in which i had focus on the editing part . i had found the individual videos online and i ended up adding it all together . then adding audio from some friends and tunes i found online as well. (tried to credit everyone for it ,if you see your stuff lmk ill credit you ^3 ) enjoy ~
hey thanks ,yes i agree . cosplay has been getting more popular every year now and yeah i had a lot of fun working on this too ,yes i passed the final haha this was a final for my digital editing class hh @nicolejb
wow. great job. congrats and thanks for showing this. it's hard to believe how big this "hobby" ?? is with so many involved in it. not long ago this kind of thing would've been so underground...
Woah thanks for sharing this! I'm actually super impressed with how big cosplay is. also, awesome editing with the music. Video editing is super hard... haha did you end up doing well on the class project?
yeah your right about the underground thing , but im glad more people got into it because the more people the better it gets @misterE
This is so cool!
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