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For me, funny enough, it's a filler episode. Breed kidnaps Casear and Chopper and uses his Peto Peto devil fruit on them to control their every movement. When Law and Luffy show up, they unfortunately get into a bind and also end up under his control. When Breed forces Luffy and Law to fight against each other to the death, Dugong steps in to try and save them because he's always had nothing but respect towards Luffy. When Breed forces him to beat up Luffy and Law and send them to the bottom of the ocean, all the while he's crying his eyes out along with Chopper.. It just breaks my heart. What's your saddest memory of One Piece? (FYI, Ace's death is not allowed as an answer.)
I remember did shiiiitt.
I don't want to remember that episode
I don't wanna remember ace dying, robins past and when kunia died which I still don't believe she is dead.