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It's been a while since I've done an anime love lesson, so I thought I'd share some advice that I think is the most important thing of all about being in love or looking for love:

You have to be confident in yourself!

This doesn't mean you have to be forward or overly bold. But it means you have to be sure of yourself in some way. After all, it might take a while to find the perfect person for you, but if you are confident in yourself, and comfortable WITH yourself, you'll feel better while waiting to meet them.

You should always be ready to be your own biggest fan, and your own best friend!

Step one to anything is to ACT the way you want to feel! If you want to feel confident & admired for that confidence, then act that way!
It's been said before, but I really believe this is true: loving yourself makes it easier for someone else to love you. I'm not saying no one will love you if you don't love everything about yourself, but how are you supposed to show off your fabulous traits to someone so they can love those traits, if you don't love them yourself?
Acting confident even when you're not is a great way to start to love yourself. Look in the mirror and say WOW. I'M AWESOME! everyday and eventually, you'll star to believe it. I'm not saying you need to become arrogant, but being sure of yourself is not a bad thing!
After all, if you know how great you are, you'll be more likely to make sure you find someone who matches well with & deserves that greatness. Don't settle! Don't be frustrated when someone doesn't like you back or a relationship doesn't work out -- it just means they're not the partner for your greatness!

Just strut away, and on to something better -- things will be okay!


There is someone out there for you, and your shining confidence will help them find you ;)
this awesome but not as awesome as me :D... ah see what I did? no? well whatever lol.
this is solid advice ^.^ ♡
I need to watch Princess Jellyfish again
yes I agree with you all, also as for me my bad relationship and marriage that I'm still in, made me reach for God my Savior my comforter,, he has filled that empty spot. that was making me not fill whole. so when he would go out without me, I felt full not empty and lonely..
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