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Hugh's stalker Kathleen Thurston just went and made everything crazily worse. Thurston ran into Gotham Gym around 8 a.m. Saturday, Gawker reports, the West Village gym where Jackman trains to get into shape for the new X-Men installment, and threw an electric razor filled with her own pubic hair at Jackman. Jackman told police that Thurston was outside the gym in the morning when he arrived, asking him, "We're going to get married, right?" The New York Daily News reports that Jackman then went inside and Thurston followed him. Once inside she whipped out an electric razor full of her own pubic hair out of a bag and went after Jackman, apparently intent on shaving him. Jackman, who thought Thurston was pulling out a gun, scampered. "I hated him having those whiskers," Thurston told police, according to the New York Daily News. A personal trainer wrestled Thurston away from Jackman and out the door; she was arrested a few blocks away. The New York Post reports that "the NYPD Crime Scene Unit recovered the weapon and had to pick the hairs out of it to match them with her DNA." Thurston told police she'd come to New York intent on marrying the star: "I want to marry him," she told police. "This is not against the law. It is not against the law to have two wives." The Daily News also uncovered the most chilling part of the story: On March 6, Thurston apparently showed up at the school where Ava, Jackman's 7-year-old daughter with Deborra-Lee Furness, is enrolled. "I'm going to marry your husband," she told Furness. "The most important thing is the security of my family," Jackman told reporters Sunday night outside his home in NYC. "I'm very appreciative of what the DA is doing." Thurston reportedly lives in a shelter for the mentally ill. cr: sheknows
whoa! seriously? that's gross! Sometimes fame comes with a huge price
Exactly! beyond comprehension.. these things
wow.. this is twisted! sick!
omg, the crazy shit people do for celebrities
wow ... his brawn.