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5 Reasons to Watch Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea

If you haven't watched this show yet, and you like romance/drama anime, please do yourself a favor and watch it! NOW!!
I admit it might not be for everyone, but this was one of the shows that of everything I've ever watched, I found most beautiful & I could relate to, so I want to share a bit about why I think it's worth watching :)

Here we go!

Brief Intro to What Nagi no Asukara is:

A long time ago, humanity lived in the sea thanks to a coating of Ena given to them by the sea god. Some humans decided to cast off their Ena and decided to live on the surface. Unlike the sea people, the surface people forgot their past and make the god angry. We follow Hikari, a boy from the sea, and his friends as they navigate the cultural tensions between the sea people and surface people. Oh, and it follows their ROMANCES & FRIENDSHIPS!!!!

1. Absolutely Stunning Animation & Scenery

This series first caught my attention because of how beautiful the teasers & the gifs I came across of it were! As expected from PA works, it's absolutely amazing to look at. Pause it anywhere, take a screencap, and you've got a new background. The sea is beautiful, the underwater village is beautiful, everything is beautiful! I also really loved the character designs. Just beautiful to look at!!!

2. Soundtrack I Can't Stop Listening To!

Above you will find the full OST for the 26-episode show, and even if you don't watch the show, you should listen to this, because it's soothing and beautiful and wonderful and perfect and I could listen to it forever. The end.

3. Well-developed Plot

I put the plot third, because a lot of people complained about it, but the music & animation got them through the show anyways, thus why they're first :)
Some people will probably disagree with me about this, but I really liked the plot of this show.
There's some real depth the stories that create the world everything is happening in, and backstory that you get to learn throughout the series that directly affects how things go in the show.
I don't want to spoil this show, but something really shocking happens around episodes 12-14, and that's what makes the series really amazing! In my opinion, the second half after these dramatic happenings is way better than the first, and I got so intrigued I had to marathon the rest of the show!!! If you like drama, you WILL get it!

4. Unique Portrayals of Romance & Friendship

Again, not everyone LIKES the romance & friendship of this series (there is some frustrating polygon love situations happening), but....welllll......it feels very real. The way the friends try to do the best for each other, and are afraid of hurting each other even when their own feelings & happiness is at stake. It's melodramatic, sure, but aren't we all kind of melodramatic? There's really only 2 instances I can think of in the show where the drama is just too much.

Other than that, I think we get a really nice insight into what time, change, and love can do to a group of very close friends.

5. Great Overarching Themes

It can be so serious at times which I loved. Also the theme of change in this show was awesome! That's what I related to most. If you've ever struggled with change and accepting that things are different, this show will definitely resonate with you. Things change, and even when it feels horrible, there's often nothing you can do about it.
I think there's also pretty interesting character development that happens that relates to love, friendship, change and also racism, but I really don't want to spoil too much by going into too much detail here :) Just trust me, I think it's good, and nearly every character grows exponentially throughout the series!

So, you might not love this, but I REALLY REALLY DID!!!!

I crave good sadness service,and this really provided that for me! Let me know if you liked it & if you're going to watch ^-^
Yeah. The artwork was amazing, but everything that glitters ain't gold...just felt like saying that. Hahaha. This show will have you crying tears of sorrow, anger, and joy. It's pretty good. Lol.
When I saw this I was so happy because this is my all-time favorite anime. Pls go watch (it's on youtube in videos of 5 in case you need a place to watch)
Omg I've watched this it was a nice story
@FairyTails finally someone who loves this like I do ^-^
@JPGameZ I agree, it was more of a drama show than a romance in my opinion but still it was pretty good to me
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