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Here's some kpop quotes that I think are encouraging or inspiring. I feel like if you ever have a hard time or feeling stress out, reading these could help motivate you. If these idols can do it, we can too. :)
This community always had a way to make me smile. Just the things you guys post are always great and the amount of support you guys give to others is amazing.
Mini Rant/Thank you: Don't need to read this. Just a way for me to express my emotions.
I been having a tough week. Lately, I have been feeling like everything I do is not good enough. I always try hard but I always end up feeling like I still am not working hard enough.One thing that happened was I didn't get into this program that I really wanted to get in to. It was something related to culture and culture is something I am really passionate about. Of course I would be disappointed but I made sure to think of it as a experience for me to grow and improve. I tried to think positively but I couldn't help but question myself about what I lack and if I am just not working hard enough. This lead to lots of overthinking and other personal stuff happened which then made me feel like I am just not good enough. I kinda wanted to give up and not try anymore. I think Kpop and Vingle helped me a lot. Especially with making my mood happier. You guys may think you did nothing but simply just posting and expressing your passion for what you love made me smile and laugh. Those dorky and amazing idols that we all care about let me forget about my worries. I also know that even though I still having a tough time, I will keep working hard. I will work on improving myself and have lots of grit! If these kpop idols can achieve their dreams by working very hard no matter how many hardships they faced, then I think we all can achieve our dreams too. Those quotes also made sure I remember that.
I guess this post is just a way for me to let my emotions out a little, and a way for me to thank this community. The posts and fangirling you guys do really does help me smile and laugh. If you took you time to read this, then thank you also. :)
Keep Loving Kpop. 사랑해요<3