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The Perfect Winter Date

Sometimes, when I'm thinking about the holiday season, and couples, and cute winter anime scenes, I can't help but just sigh think....well, just join me on my imagination trip here....

You're waiting in the snow.

It's starting to pile up, and you can almost hear the snowflakes grabbing on to one another and to everything around you.

And then, they show up, you know. And they're just looking at you like this.

And you get a little closer, and you're both just staring at each other like there's nobody else around (and there probably isn't).


And then you'll just go on a nice walk together.....SIGH.

Please, tell me I'm not the only one. Please!!!
truly a life to dream of
that is just so cool
i am right here
ugh I wish I had that in real life
who is the guy in the sign
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