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1.) DREAM HIGH- Taecyeon's character is Jin Gook, who's a gifted dancer but a trouble maker with a good heart. He gets in Kirin HS of ART. (I don't want to spoil anymore to those who haven't watched it but wait, who haven't watch this amazing drama?). Overall, this made me wonder about Korean HS and if kids were really mean. But this drama introduced me to 2pm, whom I love very much. And I love Taecyeon lots馃槝鉂わ笍馃槏.
2.) Cinderella Sisters - His name in the drama is Han Jung-woo. His character is adopted and has been cared for by Moon Geunyoung's character. He develops feelings for her character and he turns into a tall handsome man. Plus he got the accent馃槏馃挅 Overall, this drama made me cry a lot. 馃槶馃槶 like everybody episode got me ballin and a flood of my tears. It was so sad but the actors acted so amazing. Btw, the cast is amazing.
3. Who are you? - This drama is thrill seeking and more into the horror/comedy genre. Taec's character is Cha Gun-woo and he's a police man. He falls in love with his senior police woman and their romance sparks with lots of obstacles to faced including her dead boyfriend's ghost. Overall, this drama passed my expectations, it was cute and all. Well taec made me nervous and stuff.
4.) Assembly- His character's name is Kim Kyu-hwan, who's an aspiring to become a police man, but stopped when he wanted to take revenge for the death of his father. Taec is a supporting role, but his character is really hot.
5.) Wonderful Days- His character is Kang Dong-hee. This is a family oriented drama and faced lots of problems. His character has a bad temper and gets into a lot of trouble, "neighborhood gangster" with an accent. He is also a single...(I can't reveal the secret so you need to go watch the drama!) overall this drama is great.
. @alohadaine yes that exactly the one I started watching Dream High.. started
@hyunsaeng638 yes he is, I hope he gets more opportunities
@terenailyn yes it's a good drama.
omg, thank you for posting this! i haven't seen any of these and he is my UB! ahhh I'm gonna start tonight!
@alohadaine I'm already am..hahaha..
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