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There are many forms of tai chi. I see people wanted to learn from my forms. I have studied hard,soft fighting styles, as well as boxing. They all have this in common. Many do not teach proper movement of power. This is still new to me, ask any questions are add any idea you like to bring up. Lets begin, stand straight up, proper poster is important. If you need use a wall to prop you up straight till you build these muscles. Allow your arms to rest at your sides. Breath deep, relax, it is import to stay relaxed. Relaxed muscles strike faster. Now lift your arms straight up to your shoulder height. Don't go higher for now. The trick comes in here, Don't use your shoulders to lift your arms. Your shoulders are not meant to do this, it weakens attacks. Imagine strings attached to your wrist that pull your arms up. You should feel all the power in your wrists. This is secret to power. When using your arms, move all the energy to your wrists, NOT YOUR SHOULDERS. Second part keep your arms bent at the elbow. Never straighten out your arms, don't lock them. Straight arms make fun targets, you also lose a lot of power. Even when attacking, blocking, or redirecting keep that slight bend. Locked all the muscles in the elbow are lost.As you lift your arms turn you wrists.Look to the picture. Should turn first almost up, then turn the other way, like pendulum. You should appears as the picture. I will help more with this as I get into other subjects, such as proper defense. Now the legs. They should be about waist apart, or together. Now as you are touch your knees together. What you feel is proper rooting. Now spread your legs shoulder length apart. And recreate that feeling , this is what you should feel when attacking or defending. This is start of where your power you flow into your wrists. There are times you use one leg as root and the other as guid leg. Though same system should apply to the one foot. So do this if you need to learn to move your wrists, and root yourself down.
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thank you so much for these teachings