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Soooo loving the shit out of BIGBANG for forever, I've frequently watched their new music vids...only a million times...
And being a huge fan of the Biebs since his birth to fame, I have of course watched his music videos almost as much as my kpop loves....
But FINALLY watching CL and BIGBANG preform at Mama 2015, I put 2 and 2 together!!!!! THIS WOMAN is my personal idol.
omg there's someone else who likes the biebs AND kpop?! where have you been all my life?! haha but seriously. cl is also managed by scooter braun and she was even in Justin's I really like you video.
@JustinaNguyen ahh! idk how I'm just seeing your comment!!!?!?! I had to look up the vid asap...holy shhhhh I never knew!! Not a fan of Ariana tho so it kinda made me sad lol but all this makes me so happyyyyy