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I usually make funny cards, but this one is kinda serious and a sensitive topic. I thought I might make a card speaking about my experience of not looking like your "stereotypical" Latina.... I'm Afro-Latina. If you dont know what that might be continue reading.

This is just my experience on being an Afro-Latina American. This card is not intended to be rude to anyone. If race is a too taboo topic for you I would advise you not to read this card passed this point.

When most ppl think of a Latin person they tend to think of ppl who look like these ppl above. Even though these ppl are very beautiful this is not how all Latin ppl look. Latin ppl come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

My Experience...You are what?

Background check: My mom is black my dad is Mexican and Native American. He's a darker Mexican though. When I say I'm Afro-Latina or Black-Latina I get odd looks. Sometimes ppl say stupid stuff like this... "Oh you black but you act like you Mexican right?" "Oh you just look like a black girl with long hair to me. Is that even your hair?" "Naw girl you black. Don't act like you ain't black" "Yeah, you got good hair, but you too dark to be a Latina!" WTF?


An Afro-Latin American (also Afro-Latino) is a Latin American person of at least partial Black African ancestry; the term may also refer to historical or cultural elements in Latin America thought to emanate from this community (Wikipedia). The above pictures are of ppl who identify as being Afro-Latino or Black Latino.

My Experience

FYI THIS ME. YASS THIS IS MY HAIR IN NATURAL STATE FLEXI RODS. P.S. YOU SHOULD TRY USING FLEXI RODS LOL. When growing I got made fun of from other kids...mostly Black and Latin kids. They would say I was adopted. They would say my dad is not my real dad. My abuela was my nanny. I was made in a race lab. I was never Black enough and I was never Latin enough. I don't speak full blown Spanish, and because I was not fluent in Spanish that really didn't make me Latin. Therefore, I would just tell ppl I was Black and ignored my father's DNA and my Latin ancestors. The world seen me as Black, so as a child and teen I identified as Black. This would help me avoid the jokes and stupid questions. However, this made me resentful. I did not come to accept myself until I was older in college and we had to write a paper about our heritage. I spoke to my abuela about our family and she told me to forget about what ppl think.

"You don't have to pick one side cuz you are blend of some of everything. If ppl don't like it f*CK em!"


Now, I love it when ppl looked confused when they see me with my family and when they ask about my background. true for some.
I'm so happy I found this chica on youtube. You should check her out. I was happy to find someone that I could relate too.

In all I just wonder why do we have to pick one side or the other? Have you all ever experienced this or knows someone who has? COMMENT BELOW!

Wow, i am so impressed by this card. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I hate all the ignorance in this world; it makes me sad that you have had to deal with so many ignorant people making you feel like you didn't exist. But the afro-latinas I know are strong, amazing women – so good on you :) and keep spreading the word!!
this card was awesome. And fyi you are Stunning! Beautiful picture! I'm so happy you wanted to go personal with this card. It's so nice to see vinglers getting more and more fearless. You should be proud of your heritage because it's so rich and beautiful. I'm so happy we have a growing latino community on Vingle too. @alywoah has taught us all so much about the importance of culture and pride! Keep on @amobigbang this was amazing!
Thank you for this card. I understand this 100%. It blows my mind that people don't understand that there is black people in all parts of the world, with different cultures. When I was in high school, I struggled quite a bit with my racial and ethnicity identity. Now I own it and love it.
Sorry I forgot this, since our country at the moment is truly in the crap hole, people want to know your "ethnic background" before your name.
@amobigbang I know exactly how you feel. It's horrible that I am at the point to saying I am brown. I was raised primary by my mother (who has questionable origins herself) but no one would think here and I were related. At all, I have a brother and a sister (rolls eyes at sister) they are both much older than me and we each have a different mix going on but you can tell we are related. (my brother 18-19 year difference and my sister 14-15 years difference.) The funny thing is I knew some about my history however when I began working for the city of New York that is when I really found out and how they break things down and I was forced to ask my mother questions (yes it's government job and they really as those type of questions you might not think about) Anyway after all that I was told I was Afro Latina, my mother did not agree with that, she is more on "you are what I am" and I replied "are you sure you know what you are?" then she goes into history and I'm like Lawd.. You are really not answering my questions. Why is when we go around "certain" family members they look at myself, my brother and sister (rolls eyes again) like we are strange. I can go on about this for days man.. I should post up a photo of my mom me my brother and sister. My family is a melting pot. Yes I have Eskimos in my family, my aunt is an Eskimo and they live in Alaska. For the short time I spoke to my father (yeah he is a special type of bastard in my eyes) he told my roots from his side is in the islands and in Europe. And then tired to get me to speak the Queens English. Yea this was in one night after I have not seen him in 18 years about. Girl the story is Long 😂😂😂😂
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