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I didn't ask for it but it's been done....

And I'm kinda happy it has been!!

BTS has taken over Psy's DADDY

That's right show em whose "Daddy" :P
"Video Please!!" No problem guys I've got you covered :)
Wait it's not over ....
V don't you have something to say....

Psy's just gives him the mic and he's like (O.o) XD

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Even Exo and got7 are there!! This is great haha
2 years ago·Reply
I like how Jimin was like "um I'm not doing that" then later on he dances like there's no tomorrow
2 years ago·Reply
lmfao baekhyun and v tho are like long lost twin brothers
2 years ago·Reply
man they need to do a dance cover of it lol
2 years ago·Reply
and it was reaaaaaaaaaallll
2 years ago·Reply
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