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It's only been almost two years but I was finally able to decide (a recent birthday helped)
It's the freaking maknae Yugyeom ugh

If you couldn't tell I'm less than thrilled by this revelation. I wanted my bias to be Junior SO BAD. SO BAD GUYS. But "If You Do" comeback ruined that. Idk who made Yugyeom so damn angry but I'd appreciate if they didn't. HE'S TOO YOUNG TO LOOK THAT GOOD. AND SOUND THAT GOOD. AND DO THESE THINGS. WHO'S TEACHING HIM THESE THINGS. (JACKSON!?)

Also thanks to his birthday this past month I can actually enjoy this without feeling like the police will knock on my door.

This has been a post #maknaesruinlives

Yugyeom was never on my radar but then out of no where he just hit me when the If you do video came out. He is not aloud to grow up this fast! One can never have one got7 bias because when you least expected one of the other guys will come into your lane and ruin it all.
@torchix yeah those maknaes know how to kill people chansung , Seungri and Sehun are the ones that kill me too luckily for Seungri GD is my ultimate bias so even if he tries to ruin me Nyongtory is a package deal๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Yeah got7 are all bias wreckers Jackson,JB , Junior and Young jae were my mains but then Yugyeom in the if you do video......I had to shield my eyes because he's too perfect and I don't need him ruining anything he's too young for that
this one will ruin me.........I love jackson but yugyeom is killing me.....he's so gorgeous and sexy.
I went from Jackson to Mark before settling my bias as junior but freaking yugyeom came out of nowhere and is really threatening to take over. junior is still safe for now but if yugyeom pulls another if you do (<-he was way too hot in this comeback) then junior might have to fight a little bit harder for my heart
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