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Hello and what up guys it's time for CHAPTER 8 of the I'm So Sorry But I Love You Fanfic . . If you didnt see last chapter click >here< If you're new click >Here< for chapter 1 Follow the I'm So Sorry But I Love You >Collection< for Updates
*You and TOP sit in hospital lobby waiting silently next to each other* *Anxiety from the long wait drives you crazy, it's been hours* *You watch as the other patients are rejoiced with their loved ones, one after another* *You feel numb, and as if nothing even matters anymore* *You stare blankly into space dreaming about the different scenarios your life could have taken on* *You begin to wish you had never met him...a life before Jiyong*
*A single year runs down you face and TOP catches it, wiping it away* TOP: please dont do that anymore....dont cry *you look back at TOP and give him a small smile* TOP: Look everything is going to be alright, I mean- TOP: Y/N... *He takes a deep breath* TOP: Y/N, Jiyongs going to be okay ...I promise
*your part your chapped lips, and your hoarse voice begins to speak* Y/N: TOP oppa ....but how TOP: How? Y/N: do you know *you try to fight you tears once more* *TOP gets down off of the bench and looks directly into your eyes* TOP: How do I know? Well its because im your plane of course ....I'll get you out of any situation when your you need *You couldn't help but laugh at his remark*
TOP: hey hey.....what's so funny. I'm trying to be sincere Y/N: It's just that you can help me with every situation. .. TOP: oh yes I can, try Me Y/N: We're on a deserted island... ~(^.^)~ TOP: I'll fly you out of there Y/N: your wings are broken (^.^) TOP: I'll make a boat Y/N: but there's no food (-.-) TOP: I'll hunt something and cook it will my fuel Y/N: there's no water (-_-) TOP: why would there be no water ...It's an island Y/N: No drinking water!! TOP: We'll drink fuel Y/N: we cant drink that TOP: I'll dilute It then Y/N: with what, there's no water (._.) TOP: with more fuel!! Y/N: *chucking* you cant solve everything *TOP gets up to sit back beside you* TOP: I can try
*You try to control your laugh but you can help it* *TOP playfully pokes your cheek* TOP: That's look prettier this way Y/N: *Chuckling* like what ? TOP: Smiling, I think....I think it suits you more *You blush and look toward the ground* *your hands are clenched gripping your jeans* Y/N: TOP...oppa TOP: mhm? Y/N: do you think....what do you think about me
*TOP stops for a moment before letting out a breath and looking at you* Y/N: don't have to answer if you don't want to TOP: No, Y/N's just why do you ask Y/N: I- I just that....TOP oppa do you think that I'm a bad person TOP: why would I think that Y/N... *TOP begins to drift off* TOP: I don't think your bad at all really, your nice to everyone, you can tease people at times but it all just for fun. I think I like when you try to be mischievous, look that grows on your face I'd my third favorite type.
*TOP begins to break in a small smile* TOP: My second I think it would have to be you fave when you plans go wrong because of your clumsiness. Y/N: *you push his arm playfully breaking his trance* TOP: I know I shouldn't laugh about things like that but I can't help to Y/N: well whats your favorite face of mine TOP: you already know the answer to that one *He turns to face you looking into your eyes. You're faces are closer than ever before* *Your heart beat quickens, and TOP places his hand on your chin pulling you closer* *You get lost in his eyes as they call for you to come closer, drawing you in* *TOP stops for a moment, before pulling you in completely kissing you* *His lips are warm, and soft to the touch* *He treats you delicately, moving his hands slowly to find yours, intertwining them together, before breaking the kiss*
TOP: *cooing* Y/N... *You break eye contact with him, looking elsewhere smiling to yourself* *His passes his thumb back and forth over you knuckles comforting you* TOP: This, Y/N...I like you best like this *TOP crouched down on the floor again forcing you to looking at him*
TOP: Y/N, I- *TOP'S words a broken off by the sound of foots steps coming near* "Excuse me are you Choi Seunghyun" a voice calls You up seeing a women stand before you both *TOP turns around greeting the lady* TOP: Yes, that is me.. Nurse: Our patient Mr. Kwon Jiyong would like to see you
*TOP looks back at you smirking* TOP: See i told you he'd be okay *TOP reaches for you hand pulling you up but the nurse stops you* Nurse: I'm sorry but our patient only wants to speak with Seunghyun at the moment. It's our policy to respect or patients personal wishes. *The nurse turns away to direct TOP to Jiyong's room* *Your grip on his hand loosen before letting his hands fall completely* TOP: Y/N, I can wait...we can- *You cut him off* Y/N: No oppa....please go TOP: But- *You fight back your tears knowing that TOP wouldn't leave if he saw them* *You force a smile looking into TOP's eyes* Y/N: Please go you don't want to keep him waiting, im sure he misses you *TOP pauses for a moment before giving you a short hug and following after the now distance nurse*
lol good thing I've already started writing the next chapter then XD I'll let you know when it's posted :) @KeziahWright
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