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So today for breakfast I'm having rice porridge with red beans and chestnuts. My first time eating this and it quite good. The red beans gives the rice the flavor not to sweet. The chestnuts was soft not much flavor.
Also last night I had some noodles added a few ingredients such as broccoli, carrots, snap peas, beef, and dumplings.
Those all say Korean..
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@KarageChan yes it is I got it from a Korean market
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@KarageChan did I say anything wrong?
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@ladytanbone nope. Just happy to see Korean
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I love rive porridge. I think one of my favorites is Thailand's Jok, I can look up a recipe and share if anyone is so inclined to experience a wonderful meal. I just remember when my wife and I lived in Thailand and had Jok almost every morning. so many memories.
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