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I found this so hillarious and i couldn't agree more... I love both show champion backstage! My most favorite part was when jhope interviewed V about what behaviours should other member corrected in 2016. He started talking about rapmon, then jimin, then they talk about jungkook. V said Jungkook should stop thinking that he's above his hyungs. i laughed so hard when he said "Jungkook on top"...... We all know jungkook said he is not allowed to work out because he needs to stay in his "young" image despite his love towards sports. V: "i'm pretty sure that jungkook would eat all of us when he starts going to the gym" Hobi: "Our jungkook is turning 20. we're really done. It's over. We're scared. We're really scared." To be very honest i'm scared too!!! I'M NOT READY YET! Since he'll be officially not a minor anymore when he is 20, he'll probably done with that "young" image. (fyi he'll be counted as 20yo when 2016 starts, which is in 12 days.....)
I AM SCARED OF WHAT THIS GUY COULD TURN INTO SERIOUSLY... i'll be dead, bts members will be dead eaten, jungkook stans will be dead, armys will be dead..... idek anymore.... DEAD.

CREDIT TO: VIDEO: 플로라 @ youtube TRANS: PEACHISODA @ youtube