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Make America Great Again
Its time to bomb the shit out of isis, refuse refugees, enforce our boarders stricter, kick out ALLLLLLLL illegals and legalized Conceal and Carry. All and Any haters can lick my pussy.
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2 years ago·Reply
wow I hope you don't neeed anytime with in the next century. fascist
a year ago·Reply
*shrugs* your words mean nothing to me. I dont know you therefore your opinion is of no concern to me.
a year ago·Reply
@QueenSkitz cool ya racist that isn't an opinion that's a fact don't deny it
a year ago·Reply
@JayKumor um...when did i ever mention race? wow you are a silly boy. just cause I like Some of trumps ideas doesn't make me racist in the least. But I don't have time to waste on you. I'm busy being an adult.
a year ago·Reply