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1. What name do you go by: Luci 2. Background: I was born in Miami Florida, but my entire family, excluding my little sister and my many pets, are from Maracaibo, Venezuela. 3. Favorite Latin food: arepas, dulce de leche, mamey shake, and coffee ice cream (even if the last one might not be hispanic) 4. Favorite music genre: I like a little of everything, but mostly anything with piano or violin. Hispanic-wise, I do like Enrique Iglesias's singing! 5. Which celebrity do you get mistaken for: Velma. Just. Omg. 6. What do you miss most about being a kid: getting to dress in whatever way I want. Pfshh, what if I WANTED to go to Publix in a princess dress? Ugh. 7. When was the last time you were nervous: LOL. My body is constantly in a fight or flight mode, but I think when I was genuinely nervous, was when I went on a birthday date to a really fancy restaurant and I was in no way confident-looking in front of all these rich customers. (I turned 19 years old on December 5th.) 8. If you can date any Latino in the world, who would it be: Has anyone ever heard of Gabriel Iglesias, the comedian? 9. Favorite Latin drink: Pinapple soda and lots of mamey 10. What's your favorite part of the Latino culture: The immense sense of community and family. Hispanics stick together, right? And we have an uncanny ability to smile, dance, sing, and laugh no matter what occurs in our life. Nothing beats us down for a party! For: @alywoah If anyone wants to do this challenge. GO FOR IT! :D it was actually pretty fun lol
I also promised that I'd show my regular outing clothing for latina girls lol. I nearly forgot @alywoah's challenge about it.

Have fun with this, guys! I hope you enjoyed my card!

Yes those are so good too! Everything they make is delicious. @jazziejazz
@Luci546 soo true hun... We all stick together and always laughing and telling Jokes.. @alywoah I love häagen-dazs milk chocolate and vanilla bars.
You should! You should! It's perfect!!!
Yayyy Luci you did the challenge!! I am obsessed with coffee ice-cream. Especially the one made by Häagen-Dazs. Have you tried theirs??????>.........I've heard some of Gabriel Iglesias' stand ups and he is funny as helllll.
thank you! I'll remember XD
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