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Kishen Asura

When one becomes evil their soul turns into a Kishen soul and they most be taking down and their soul devoured. When this doesn't happen and the evil soul continues to grow it becomes a full fledged Kishen a monster of pure evil. Asura is a special case as only weapons have been known to turn into Kishens but when he devoured the soul of his partner Asura became a Kishen. Being near a Kishen can make a person go insane and his soul wave length alone can turn an entire town crazy. Asura is a skilled myster and has super human strength and speed beyond that of Death himself. Asura also has a second form that turns him into a giant and a 3rd form where he is at his most dangerous. His greatest weakness is his own sanity which causes him to have panic attacks. A formidable foe indeed and one of the more powerful in the tournament.

Ken Kaneki

Born a human Ken Kaneki lived a fairly normal life. One day a terrible accident happened nearly killing Kaneki; the only way to revive him was to give him parts of a ghoul. A Ghoul is a being who feeds off the flesh of a human; Kaneki had to give in to his new life style or starve to death, naturally he chose the life of a ghoul. Kaneki has super fast speed and super strength. He uses the tentacles on his back to scale walls and attack his opponents. Kaneki's greatest weakness is his human side as he every now and then has to make a moral choice based on his old life as a human. Kaneki is a force to be reckoned with for sure can he take down the evil Kishen Asura?

Who will win?

Who do you think will win? The pure evil Kishin Asura or the one eyed ghoul Ken Kaneki! Let me know in the comments below! Voting starts 12 noon EST and ends 12 midnight EST @tbell2 @DaiGakuSei @MadAndrea @Kirik @ThatPerson512 @Danse @VinMcCarthy
I'm going with kaneki because asura causes insanity and when kaneki finally snaps he becomes a demon that earns him the name centipede
I'm gonna say Ken Kaneki in this one!
I think Kaneki would win since he probably has more madness than asura.
Kaneki No Doubt
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