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I woke up tired as ever getting ready for a long day of work. I come down the stairs and come in the kitchen and turn on the tv for some fresh news. my stomach growled. what should I eat, I was thinking then I was thinking about having noodles. I start boiling the noodles when all of a sudden I picked up the words bts. I spun over hungry for some bts news. looks like bts has landed back in south Korea welcome home boys the news woman said,and now we're live at the place where bts comes, look there here! I look at the surroundings and realize where that was. That's right across the street! not thinking I grab my jacket and run out thinking of the song run. when I made it I was panting but I look up and my heart fell out of my chest. bts comes out and waves to everyone. I was about to faint when all of a sudden jimin stared at me. I blushed ready to die and wave for luck. unexpected jimin waves back and does his cute smile. oh my god! next jungkook came to see what jimin was looking at and stared directly at me. I blush so hard when he smiled and and waved at me. taehyung always seeing what is going on looks at me and does his cute pose and waves at me. by then all of bts was looking at me. but it wasn't just bts, everyone was looking at me. ew who wears a onesie to meet bts said the news girl. everyone laughing at me. I cried a little and ran away. when I finally make it home I panted a lot but that didn't worry me. I crouch on the street crying. why me I start thinking when all of a sudden I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I turn around and see taehyung staring at me.
Don't cry I would have whore a onesie too because there cool, taehyung said. I blush and stand up. what's your name taehyung immediately says. my name is (Y/N) I say. well (Y/N) now that I know where you live I'll come see you everytime I can because I love you he said. I blush when all of a sudden his lips touch mine. he runs off making a heart as he fades away. I go inside my house shutting the door while thinking about taehyung. I hear the pot boiling to death and I come back to life and turn off the stove. I burnt my hand and saw the fleshy skin burn. I was about to clean it when all of a sudden I hear a knock at my door...
should I make another one? @DawanaMason @ARMYStarlight @TaehyungKey
oh.....for a second i thought this was real heh silly me ^~^
@TaehyungKey kamsa my hyung I can't wait to see yours
what's wrong with wearing a onesie? Those are freaking awesome😡
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