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you clicked. now clear your mind. G-Dragon was there for you, in your cold, happy, sad, and great moments. But..... his heart is changing and he can't get stop thinking about you.
picture #1: He is remembering you, picturing your lips, wishing to just kiss those lips and have a taste. "How sweet..." he wonders. picture #2: how he enjoys to see you smile. A smile that glows his world. "The warmth..." he feels. picture #3: He loves you in every little way. "my heart.." he express. picture #4: He wants to face you and express it. Can he?? "I ... I .." he freezes
picture #1: He found a way of how to express it. A way that he is most comfortable.. His music. "I'm too good.." he laughs. picture #2: He is prepare his music. And put everything together . Now he is planning to sing it for you to the world on his live concert. "I'm ready.." he is confident. picture #3: He is getting shy.... Til.. he saw you cheering for him AND u gave him a sweet smile. His mind is now going crazy. "hope your ready..." he thought picture #4: he starts to sing. AND you know its about you, now your heart is starting to open. then he grabs your hand and brings you to the stage.. all eyes on GD and you. "don't be afraid, I'm here.." he sings
picture #1: he is feeling confident. but your weak, and your frozen. his words are becoming a spell towards you. picture #2: then he gave you that look. The look to melt you down into seconds. And all you hear is "Be mine.." picture #3: he looks at you with the most sexiest caring eyes. and your just frozen, cuz you've been waiting too long for him to come to you. And its happening, worldwide. picture #4: "I promise to hold you, I promise to be there for you, and I promise to love you." your both are having a eye contact, his eyes are hypnotizing you.


Whats your answer/ reaction. How will you be, how will you answer...

crazy huh ... he he

"Come to me Angel of Music..." After a moment of internal panic, I would pull him in and plant a big one on him. I have no shame!
I absolutely loved this!!! Killed me inside!! And if GD looked at me like that and asked me to be mine......honey the pastor would be over there so fast to marry us 😂😍😍
Hmmm..... I would wait for him to hold out his hand then I would walk on stage crying with all kinds of thoughts going through my head then I would touch his face and hug him while telling him I love you too ... Then we would walk off stage and leave to the nearest hotel to not be seen for a longggggg while in which neither of us would ever be the same ..... 😘
I just died, so I can't answer. ....
@Jiyongixoxo girl I can legit see that coming. 😂😂 got me dying and thank you both for enjoying it. 💖💖 @woahdersierra 😎
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