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Merry-5-days-before-Christmas! To deliver an amazing Christmas for you...I decided to pick 5-10 people and make special cards for them! (Also because I'm bored...but thats besides the fact!)
Today, I made a special card for @BTSARMYGIRL ! Her bias from vixx, apparently, is Ravi. (I hope!)
And more!

If you want to receive a card...just comment (bias name too!)

Also, please please PLEASE vote for this if you haven't just yet! It's okay if you've voted before...just vote again! I'll release the results next year :)

YOUR vote is counted! Link for Kpop voting of 2015:

thank you so much! I saved like half the pictures, this is great!
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Noooo problem! :3 πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š @BTSARMYGIRL
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he is gorgeous. some of the best pictures I have seen of him ! great job!
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