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English Name: "Terror in Resonance"

Genre: Psychological & Thriller

In an alternate version of the present, Tokyo has been decimated by a shocking terrorist attack, and the only hint to the identity of the culprit is a bizarre video uploaded to the internet. The police, baffled by this cryptic clue, are powerless to stop the paranoia spreading across the population.
While the world searches for a criminal mastermind to blame for this tragedy, two mysterious children—children who shouldn't even exist—masterfully carry out their heinous plan. Cursed to walk through this world with the names Nine and Twelve, the two combine to form "Sphinx," a clandestine entity determine to wake the people from their slumber—and pull the trigger on this world.

Status: Completed (11 Episodes)


There are many stories that focus on anti-heroes and terrorism, yet none have come close to the level of maturity found in ZnT. This show succeeded in areas that other shows such as Death Note faltered. You will find no edgy character development here; no shonen-esque elements. This is the kind of show that you could quite happily show to any non-anime orientated friends with confidence that they won't leave mid-way through, or that you will have to justify why so-and-so is making unnecessary fan-service.


The characters of Zankyou No Terror are not complex, after all, the show is more thematically-focused as compared to being character-focused. Zankyou No Terror is not condoning the main characters’ acts of violence, rather, it wants the viewers to reflect about why they were forced into committing those acts. The show does succeed in evoking the emotional depths of its main terrorist duo and Lisa: wanting to escape from the clutches of modern society, the youthful drive to challenge the world that rejected them, the yearning for human connection.


Yoko Kanno absolutely delivers when it comes to the Icelandic-inspired soundtrack, the music is a blend of acoustic and electronic that sets the mood perfectly, constantly evoking the melancholy felt by the characters. It was key in bringing in the pathos needed to execute the best moments of the show.

-Reasons to Watch-

A serious anime that I can safely say it's like Death Notes child. A solid story with intriguing characters, brilliant soundtrack and amazing animation. The brilliant aesthetics and production are definitely the show’s strongest point. The polished direction is among the best in recent memory, taking the viewing experience to a cinematic level at times. The show efficiently manipulates camera angles and color palettes to heighten atmosphere, while the lighting frames the scenes purposefully, stirring up a sense of alienation and emphasizing on the ‘cages’ society puts these characters in. Lastly, it concludes in a very emotional way, one of the most fulfilling and heartwarming endings I've seen in my anime years.

This is an anime that I can't really explain but rather ask you nicely to definitely watch it.

Hope You Enjoy!~

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@RosePark I'm a huge music fan myself, but I also have personal tastes. I'm not a fan of the music, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't recommend it to others. :) It's just not for me personally. If that makes sense.... -_-
This sounds like my kind of show! :)
@MajahnNelson The ending beautiful I would love a S2 but Im not mad if there is no S2. @BluBear07 Yeah it can be confusing but it gets better and ill be looking forward to hear what you think about it! @Danse Really? Maybe is cause Im a anime music fanatic so I love them all lol and make sure to finish it!
@MaighdlinS Alright~ Half way there xD Big bugs killing has never been so epic to watch haha @MajahnNelson Yeah I wished for an OVA at least as well and it's gonna be hard to make something like this with animes nowadays full of fanservice. But I am still hopeful tho! So much potential wasted even though I am happy with the ending, I feel like they could have made it longer
@RosePark I finished Bahamut! Happy enough with the ending lol I am halfway through mushibugyo and I am loving it lol. It's so full of extremes.
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