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I have been on youtube and on the Internet looking at random make up videos as always and I came across this new product by L'OREAL. This is called True Match Lumi Cushion. I've heard about cushion makeup in Korean makeup, but sadly they only made light shades. When looking for some American cushion foundations I looked around at ULTA in the past. They had some, but the deep tones were too light and had odd undertones. I just gave up hope. Then Bam! I seen ppl reviewing this L'OREAL product and I had to buy it.
Even though I'm a powder foundation girl I still like have the dewy look when I can. It was easy to find my shade. If you already have tried the True Match Lumi line just pick what number you are with those products to find your match. I'm a 7/8c so 8c was perfect for me. This is a drug store product, but I love the packaging. The mirror is the truth!

First Impressions

If you have oily skin this product is not for you. However, if you have normal or slightly combination skin this would be perfect. If you have problem skin like acne, or dark marks I would not advise you to use this. This product has sheer coverage in my opinion. Thank God I have no problem skin. However, it does say the product is buildable. Pros Affordable price...range from 12.99-14.99 Good for sensitive skin Easy to find d your shade Nice packaging Easy to pack Natural Dewy look Buildable Cons Not for all skin types Might want to pair with some type of powder. I did notice there was a slight transference on my hands. But not too much... May have to wear more if you have problem skin As for refills I have not seen any I guess one could just use the lumi true match liquid foundation.

Comment? Have you tried this product or other cushion foundations?

After reading the downside of this cushion foundation, I hate to say that I cannot buy it. I have oily skin and I have a ton of acne and blackheads, but it's great that a Korean makeup product has come to the US with even more different types of skin tones
I fell in love with Cushion foundations in korea. My current go to cushion is the Kill Cover cushion by Clio. I bought two back up packs in Korea. I also use the Mac ProLongwear waterproof foundation, but I usually save that for special occasions. I am so interested in this foundation. I find that cushion foundations are really good for dry skin, and you can always re-use the cushion applicator with a different foundation of your choice! So if this foundation isn't for you, you can reload it with a better liquid foundation. KEEP THESE CARDS COMING. I often don't know what's happening in the drugstore, especially with new products.
Great card! Very informative. I love a good liquid foundation. Revlon color stay is my holy grail, but unfortunately I have acne prone skin so this probably wouldn't be the best option for me. I love a good foundation though. This looks amazing. I'm going to check it out on YouTube as well.
Ahhh thanks for tagging me! You got that right about Korean makeup lol, the only shades it comes in are pale and paler 😜 but I've been hoping to find a dewy-looking sheer coverage foundation. I have a little acne, but just barely, so this could be a good way to just add a tiny bit of cover for a more even skin tone. At that price, I might as well give it a try! Thanks for the review girl, you're awesome :*
It inspired by the Korean product, but I doubt that Korea would ever make any makeup in shades darker than beige lol