In my dream, I was navigating traps, with help from a seer, to get to a room where a Queen and her father and several of the characters of this prophecy were waiting. The seer with me had predicted that she was going to try to send us to a non magical land. The magic less land she wanted to send us to was Universal Studios, as it had a King Kong ride. (The Queen had a park map that looked ominous to her, but she had no idea it was just a theme park. No one was really reacting, so I got down on my knees and feigned absolute horror. When the Queen gave me an offended look, I stood up and explained to her that the prophecy was a peculiar thing to follow. I pointed at the seer who had been born with a gift to be able to help the hero, me...a gift that could be better put to use predicting the weather for farmers or forewarning her majesty of incoming invasions. "...And the man that discovered her, what she is, that was his entire roll for his life. He was expected to come into this life, just to discover this one girl, to hand pick her out of thousands of other children. And then what? He's not even the one who trains this girl, he sends her off to another person to be trained! So, hundreds of years after this prophesy was writtened, this one man was born with the sole purpose of discovering the Seer. Then what?" "He ritually kills himself," the seer interjected. "Well, that's disturbing, isn't it? And then this girl, this seer, is destined to help me defeat you. Now, no one ever says it straight out, but that means "kill you". That's a lot of death, thus far. (More than I'm comfortable with, anyway.) And I'm expected to kill you, but murder is entirely against my nature! Who wants a hero that likes to kill, right? Then there's you. You rose from barmaid to Queen...frigging QUEEN! You should be reveling in that, not trying to fulfill some prophesy...a prophesy in which YOU FAIL, I might add! You and your father should be living it the countryside, order your subjects about, if it's power that makes you heady. Just dont kill them. It's harder to rule a kingdom of the dead. And you wouldn't have to worry about "heroes" coming to overthrow you, because most people would revel under a queen that doesn't just kill for the hell of it. All of us could find something more productive to do with our time than trying to fulfill some silly ancient prophesy." "But I'd I defeat you..." "But you won't. The prophesy says so. And if YOU didn't believe in the prophesy, you wouldn't have ordered the execution of hundreds of baby boys the year I was born. It's actually kinda funny how even a woman would assume that a "hero" would have to be male. And very sad at the same time. So many boys that could have filled the ranks of your army... You believe in the prophesy, so you should be more interested in avoiding it's outcome than anyone here. Am I right?" Then I woke up. I wonder if my argument could have swayed her....
I believe it could have worked. you need to write a screen play for this and it needs to become a movie or tv show. no joke
I probably should write a bizarre tv series based on my dreams, lol!