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So yeah I posted a self in and then a pic of me and my baby boy because he is the most important part of my life. My name is Veronica. I am 29 years old. I have a bubbly personality for the most part but I am an introvert. I would love nothing better than being curled up with a book, anime, kdrama or my headphones on. Unless of course my son comes up to me. Then in an instant I am playing some villain to his hero with his action figures, wrestlers, or legos. I like to describe myself as one that sees love in everyone. I try to compliment everyone I meet. I want to spread positivity and love in the world and not promote hate and negativity. When I start to snort while laughing know that is my genuine response to your humour and not pretend.
My dream crush is a fictional character in the above series. I bet many people who already know me on here thought I would pick Naruto or GD, Harry Potter, or Bruce Willis. But no my dream crush is Sean From the Caged Series by Amber Lynn Natusch. I just finished reading the last book in the series today and my soul was almost decimated. But Sean is a snarky, demigod, that is protective. He is the son of Ares and the head of PC that is to protect the balance between the supernatural and humans. He had a dream of my favorite heroine and counter part Ruby a 100 years before she was in existence and made a deal with Persphone to take away his invincibility to retain his light side that Ruby sparks into him. He defies everything to try and protect her and those she cared deeply for even if he does not care that much for those in her life or the wolf Scarlett that is contained within her. He does not see the goodness that is in him but only sees the darkness and thinks the worse of himself, but he is not bad, he is the son of an angel and his goodness overrides the darkness he has from being the son of the god of war. He has green eyes and black hair. He has the qualities that can be found in everyone but the sexiness only a demigod can have.
My status is engaged. It is a long engagement. We have been together for nine years on January 13 it will be ten years. We have definitely had a lot of ups and downs but strive to overcome the obstacles. Even now I sometimes want to call it quits but then I look back on all our memories and at our son and find a way to continue and push forward with our love. Guys I am being quite honest right now and asking for advice. I love him I just don't know if I am still in love with him. When is love just enough? When is it time to move forward or call it quits? Do I have to stay out of guilt for taking him away from all that he knows, or do I stay because I can not picture a life without him in it? Just because I can't picture a life without him in it; I can picture a life with him in as a friend and father to our child still with him having another beautiful relationship. I just don't know if I am cut out for a relationship. Why I fell for him in the first place his sense of humor, the love he has for family, and his broken smile and sad eyes. His face transformed whenever I was around to pure joy and he looked out for me. Still endearing to this day. His fierceness and protection, and his kindness. All qualities I look for any person that wants to be in my life. I am a hopeless romantic, and want those butterflies in my stomach, the comfort found of being wrapped up in one's arms, and seeing the future unfold with a warmth and still joyous wonder of surprises.
The best and most romantic gift I got was a gift card to amazon and the complete set of Harry Potter dvds. I received this for Valentine's Day this year and I was like he completely gets me. I rather be reading a book or cuddled up watching movies with my family then wearing jewelry, I tend to lose, or going out in public after working all day everyday with a bunch of people. It was a moment that made me completely fall back in love with him. Until he made me a sandwich with all the things I hated and I was like nope he still doesn't know me after 9 years. But hey He knew the gift that spoke volumes to my heart. Besides He Can Not Make Food and I love him even despite that. I'll make the food and he can clean the dishes and give me the time I need for myself.
I agreewith @luna1171. Love changes as people change. It is challenging to figure out how to get back the same sort of 'butterflies' etc that came in the beginning. There are however, ways to get outta the rut & comfort zone. Its why there are marriage counsellors who help with 'spicing things up', getting to know eachothers interests, dislikes, things in common, passions, ambitions & what makes you 'tick' in the sense of reaching a different new level that perhaps you have not realized. People cant do things they dont know of & if they dont know how. It is very common for couples to become accustomed to the roles each person has taken on. It is also common to feel like things have become monotonous or boring. You can use the internet or the library for resources & ideas.
love your card we have lots in common.. I just wanted to say that Love changes through time.. you will love differently as time passes. You and your other half will become companions if you are in a relationship for many years that's what become a family and it will always stay that way. .your love becomes stronger you don't feel the same infatuation like when you first met.. but you do feel a deeper sentiment towards that person. .just been next to him/her , holding hands hugs cuddles , even small kisses. . is all even more intimate and drives you closer then when you first met with all the passionate love. with time love becomes more that just that.. it becomes friendship. partnership. companioship even brotherhood kind of a fraternity all that and more together. . so that's the reason with out you knowing it you know that you can't live a life with out him/her.. that's love.. it is also pain and forgiveness and acceptance. .and staying just because is love you love that person no matter what.. and if you feel that way.. don't waste your time thinking to move on.. and start this that you already have AGAIN... with someone else.. :D
And you and your man – so adorable as well. It looks like you guys have fun together. I really appreciated this chance to get to know you better! I wish I could give better advice... but all I can say is follow your heart AND your mind. Both need to be satisfied when it comes to a romantic partnership. And also, that communication is everything. I hope that you can talk to your guy about all the things on your mind, and that he'll listen, understand, and do his best to be what you need. @luna1171 and @myguardian both have some great things to say – love changes through time. But maybe if you talk to your fiancé about your needs, he'll come through :)
lovely card. I really don't have any advice to give as I don't feel qualified, I've never been in a relationship that lasted longer than a few months. But I will say this. My parents were together 25 years and had MANY ups and downs and difficult times. But they worked through it and were still so in love until the day she died. I'd say don't expect him to remember all your preferences all the time but don't stay in a relationship out of guilt over something. That won't make for a happy lasting relationship. THAT I do know. ^^
Wonderful card... taking in some ideas.... almost finish with mine.... i dont know if i can answer ur question well enough.. but i believe u shud try and if there is no improvement call it quits... u only av one life to live so live it to the best of ur abilities... make a list and if the things u dislike about him excedes the amount of things u like about him it means there is need for some evaluation.... hope that helps... wish u love and prosperity...
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