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Wait what?!?
@LAVONYORK LOL I saw this and I was like wait what?!?! 馃槅 馃槀馃槀 I needed to show you hahaha x) Show all the "wait what?" Fans LOL
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@LAVONYORK Lol so true hahaha 馃槅 people are going coo coo now ah days hahah 馃槅 馃槀馃槀
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@MoisEsGaray I'm not going to be no side chick for no one else I actually don't know about which in many cases this women are side chicks and don't even know. And it works the same for guys too
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Wait...if she's the side chick, she's WITH the cheater. Hilarious - I swear, people are getting dumber by generation...scary!
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@jpbenedetto these are how chicks think these days and it's horrible. And yes dumber and dumber by generation too like you said! My sister who is much older than me goes for older guys because they are "easier" to deal with. I'm pretty much like Wtf brings you to that conclusion!
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a loyal nigga is a cheater to his main chick right?... or did I skip urban English class?! 馃槻
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