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Can we just..... take a minute... and just love this Man....
I mean good gracious.... He is just... gah.... ugh... perfect....
and a goofball! such a goofball...
And his laugh and his smile...
and isnt he just the cutest little boy ever!
and he loves his hyungs and he is the best maknae ever!
@emealia @unbreakable1109 @kpopandkimchi tag all the kookie lovers!!!!! Disclaimer: credit to all the photographers and such because they werent me...
For just a minute?! I can, and will, love him for the rest of my life and same goes to the rest of the boys!! 😊☺️😍😘❤️
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you would!!!!! love him though. not as much as Jin of course. but it's still adorable.
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😭😭😭 I approve of this post yesssssssssss
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he's my bias for a reason lol
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he is the cutest thing ever 🐰😅😘😍
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