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this is my first fanfic I'm so excited. it's not the best.
"ugh where is she? i've been here for five minutes now why Isn't she here yet. did she forget and go home?" I wander around the school looking like a lost puppy. "Yoona! hey have you seen Joy?" "no, sorry (Y/N) I haven't, why are you looking for her?" "She wanted to show me something, so we were going to her house." "Nope haven't seen her." "ok, thanks" They wave bye to me and walk down the hall to the main door. I start to feel uneasy as the hallway empties and decide to follow them. As I'm about to leave I hear a voice yell.... "Wait! " before I could turn to see who it was, I was attacked by a sudden hug. "(Y/N)! long time no see" I reply with silence. "Yah (Y/N) I see your still as cold as ever" "Taehyung get off me. We just saw each other this morning." "Yah (Y/N) why can't you be cute once in awhile, this is why you get called Ice Queen" "Ah I'm sorry Taehyung oppa.....As if" I say sarcastically. "Don't play with my heart like that." he puts his arm on my shoulder as we walk to the main door. "here comes the couple" Yoona says with her big mouth. "hey Yoona, thanks for the compliment" Taehyung says to yoona. He grabs my hand and intertwines our fingers. He looks at me hoping to get a reaction, but only gets a cold glance. "Yoona for the thousandth time I'm not dating this idiot player" "suuuure, that's not what your hands are saying" "he always holds my hand, since we were kids" I get tired and change the subject. "how am I gonna get home now, Joy already left" Taehyung looks at me me. "I'll take you home, but you'll have hangout with me first, we're going to Jimin's house" "do I have a choice" I ask him "Nope" he says with a big grin like a five year old who just broke his mothers vase. He holds my hand the whole time, even made me sit by him in the backseat and continued to hold my hand. "so when do you plan on letting go of her hand" says Jimin who's surprisingly been quite the whole time. He points to our hands. "Never, besides (Y/N) doesn't mind at all" we arrive at Jimin's house after 15 minutes. I haven't been here in weeks. I greet his mother. She offered me some of Jimin's old sweat pants and Taehyung's old hoodie from when he sleeps over. I go upstairs to Jimin's room to change. I take off all my clothes and fold them. just as I'm about to about to put on my sweat pants, a guys body wraps around me from behind. He squeezes me, I could hear his breathing. He squeezes me tighter and whispers.... "I like you (Y/N)."
sorry that this was short, should I post another chapter? expect more plot twists in the next chapter. thanks for reading.
Just found this and I'm so mad at myself lol. You should post join the Fanfiction community!! A lot more people could read it there :)
@DestinaByrd thanks look forward to it
@TesneemElAlami thank you
Oh tag me next update please!
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