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@desireesowah143 Ok. Haha. They would still most likely bounce off without Haki. Goku and Toriko couldn't really do much damage themselves.
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@StrawHatPirate3 oh yeah i remember that crossover then as far as i seen in One Punch Man maybe they only attack (for now) that can do damage might be "Super Moves Serious Series: Serious Consecutive Side Hopes" (awful name lol) that is definitely going to connect and leave damage
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@desireesowah143 I'll go with that. Haha. I have seen some Onepunch Man, and Saitama is sllliiitttgghhhtttlllyyy OP. So I know he's powerful. I would love to see him square off with Luffy, Goku, Toriko, and Natsu though. That'd be one hell of a free-for-all!! Hahahahaha!!!
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Saitama would get wrecked. Sorry.
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naw .. he prob make it to finally against goku..have a hard fight then lose. when goku finally decides to go super sayan.2
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