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Spring is here, but still a bit chilly weather. This weather just remind me so much of Finland :). Spring, terrace, friends, beer, and picnic. That is all I need for Spring :)
@sofiamuller758 thank you!! i take it as a complement and motivation for my upcoming photo shoot :)
@ismayatirn may I ask where are you come from? I love to be in the hot countries :) my hometown is in tropical country as well :) . Believe me sometime you would feel hate the winter sometimes ;) Anyway someday you will come to Korea, I belive as well ;)
@yinofyang :sounds to me you are live in Chicago, or Minnesota or something :D
Those are such beatuiful shots :) I could feel spring evetything in the air now :)
Hey girls, I think you are very lucky guys, because your country having 4 season, while in my country just having 2 season, and that's very hot with the sunshines was so bright. Until 40C. And I never see snow. But I have a dream, someday I have to go to Korea...the one of country that I dreamed...:)
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