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I'm Mia and I'm from dickinson,tx I'm a fangirl,ARMY of bts,exo,block b,vixx etc. my bias is jeon jungkook from its fav song rise of bangtan and jump by bts fav kdrama idk I have so many
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Brandis U. S. Fangirl V. I. P Choi Seung Hyun aka TOP AINT NO FUN, If You, I Fancy You Secret Garden, Oh My Venus
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Cecilia but most ppl call me Ceci From the US but was born in Mexico Fangirl UB L vip blackjack and others If you BB Masters sun
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Rebecca from California fangirl V.I.P. TOP Heartstrings, Heirs, and Sungkyunkwan Scandal
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Meredith Pennsylvania Fangirl I'm pretty new to kpop but 2ne1 & EXO are what brought me here Picking favorites makes me uncomfortable (all members of a band are important!) Kpop song? I can't choose yet Secret Garden is really good
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