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So many tags on this challenge so fine here it is :P
1. Selfie! @Emealia i didnt know you had green hair.... now i feel like a copycat....
2. Dream Crush.... ugh... this is so hard.... So here are my top two.... Woohyun and Kookie... Woohyun is just amazing and his personality and his voice and ugh... and kookie just.. he is cute and funny and sweet and hehehehe.
3. Current Status. I am happily married! He is not into kpop but it is growing on him. We have been married for just over two years.
4. My most romantic memory.... hmmmm... my husband isnt super into romance but he tries. I think the most romantic thing would probably be how he asked me out. We had been talking for a few months and were best friends. One wednesday on our way to youth group, he stopped me behind the school library. No one was around and He said, "Sharayah I love you. I want to protect and take care of you. Will you be mine forever?" And I was putty in his hands. I melted and said yes and were married four years later.
5. What I look for in a guy? Honesty and someone to be willing to deal with me. And eyes that touch my soul. *sidenote I have a very specific type. i have found over the years... tall(er than me) skinny and nerdy/geeky guys.* funny story tho my bias list only fits 2/3 of my type*
@emealia @unbreakable1109 @nate1226 and all the other people who read this....
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No copycat XD Mine is faded out from blue You look good with it though, so pretty ♡ And that's a cute way to ask someone out! ANOTHER MARRIED KPOPPER :D