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Guys lately i think this song reflects how i feel more than any other but it's not about you guys. In real life it dont feel very close with many people, but it's really not their fault it's me.
(I'm an egg who doesn't feel know how to tell people what i feel, and even when i think i've explained they take it the wrong way and everything just goes wrong lol)
I should speak to them more but i dont. But on here i feel very close with many of you and i've even met/talked to some of you in real life. I feel warmth when im with you guys. Im happy here.
Can we group hug please *hugs*
In life i create many misunderstandings but i think it's worth it if i can make other people smile :)
Do you guys think the same way?
Okay okay i'm done being a sap XD I promise tomorrows jam will be more upbeat :P Don't judge me... i'm a soft serve i know lol I think i'm just like this because im tired, so please don't worry about me ~(^.^)~
How have you guys been lately?
Have a great day guys and don't forget to


*hugs* it's okay
warm hugs. I feel lonely lately too.
@VeronicaArtino Were in this together, you're not alone♡ Even if it feels like it, that's not the truth, I'm here for you:)
@KwonOfAKind I am here for you to