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1. Selfie & Intro Hey! Okay so first of all My name is Teresa Garcia, but you guys can call me terry or tere it doesn't matter hehe (and that is how I look, but if you can just ignore the pic), I'm 17 years-old and STILL in high school (yeah yeah it sucks). I'm Hispanic, from Venezuela! and I've only been in the U.S for almost 4 years now.... I LOVE K-dramas (right now I'm watching Oh My Venus and I'm absolutely in love with it) K-pop and basically anything related to Korea, however, I do appreciate other Asian cultures because is just amazing (although I don't have much knowledge). I am as a matter of fact a Christian (and proud to be one), but please don't stereotype me just because of my religion or culture, I'm pretty open minded and try to be as much as I can, although I'm not fond of stereotyping because everyone is different.
2. My Dream Crush I would usually not have a dream crush because.... I don't know I just don't probably because I try not to have a type of guy that I would date over others a I guess... BUT this is Jackson we're talking about here You see Jackson is pretty darn close to what I look in a man... He's goofy and makes everyone laugh with his silliness, but that doesn't make him stupid, as other people may say, besides making everyone laugh he has a heart of GOLD, he takes care of everyone and loves them in his own way. And when it comes to family, I love the fact that he loves his mom so much and feels so sorry towards her for leaving her to go to Korea (You should see his reaction in Roommates 2 its pretty heartbreaking, I admit I cried). Besides he's a Family man which I highly appreciate, me being Hispanic Family is a big deal to me. And well the last thing that I like about him is that he gets jealous, I know that it's weird but for some reason guys that gets jealous if I talk to other guys or if I don't give them enough attention just makes my hear beat faster... I mean it's a way of showing that they care, but obviously not to the point that it's suffocating and over jealous, just enough to make me feel like I matter.
3. Current Status - SINGLE Haha well this are reasons why I'm Single!! JK JK.... Actually I'm just single because I'm kinda of waiting to go to college, I want to focus on my studies and try to get in a good college... Although you never know maybe I'll find a guy that has me heads over heels for him or just a slight crush, but right know I'm just kind of living my life single... LET'S SEE WHAT THE FUTURE BRINGS!!
4. Romantic Memory or Story Well, I don't have one...BUT I have something that would be awesome if it happens... So like imagine that you've been having a crush on this guy for a while but you still haven't said anything, and you don't know if he feels the same way about you... so you don't say anything because you're afraid or ruining you're friendship with him.... One day you guys were out and you found out something that he wants to do that may put him in danger, so obviously you're worried about him and tries to get him out doing whatever he's doing but he's to stubborn to do so, so you guys start fighting and scream at each other... Until he screams "WHY DO YOU EVEN CARE?" and then you scream at him back with tears in your eyes "BECAUSE I LIKE YOU IDIOT" And then you start walking in the other direction leaving him in shock, while you're walking it starts raining but you don't care you're just mad at him.... but then you hear him scream you're name but you keep walking as more tears comes out... you didn't noticed he was so close until he grabs your arm and makes you face, you don't have anytime to react when you feel his lips on yours as he kisses you passionately.... AAHHHH!!! *fangirls* okay sorry... I know it's really cheesy but what can I say I'm a sucker for this types of stuffs....
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Omg askjfhalksdh I literally DIED at your story – you should write fan fiction!!!!! Seriously, if you wrote that story, but about Jackson, I would uh... yeah I would die. And WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT GIRL this card is amazing!!!! 1) you're gorgeous, LOVE your selfie :) 2) I so dig your thoughts on stereotyping, I was raised Christian and I always appreciate it when people don't lump me into a category as soon as they learn that :) 3) JACKSON IS SO PERFECT I CAN'T EVEN. Ahem. Excellent choice. Lol. 4) YAAAASSSS Let's see what the future brings! I swear I was EXACTLY like you in high school. I wanted to wait until college to date, so I could focus on my studies and extracurriculars and getting into a good college and all that. I ended up dating a guy the second half of my senior year, a junior, who was super sweet and a total puppy dog and just basically the best first boyfriend a girl could ask for... we broke up one semester into my first year of college, but it's okay. Relationships are hard. And the first one is always the hardest to get over. But I think waiting until college (or yknow, ALMOST until college ;)) is a great idea. You do you girl :) thanks for participating in the challenge, i seriously loved your card!!!
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@AlloBaber thank you!!! you're such a sweet heart!! and I'm actually writing a fanfic hehe
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That's awesome!!! If you share it on Vingle I would love to be tagged ^^ what's your fanfic about??
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Oops @terenailyn forgot to tag eheh ^^
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@AlloBaber YES!!!! Another person who feels the same as I do!!!!! I'm Christian also but my mom thinks that what I watch (which is kpop) is stupid and gets me further away from God when in reality I feel much more happier than I ever have been!
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