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I was watching ASC a couple of days ago and this happened.... I didn't have anywhere to post it, so I saved it till I found a site worthy enough. And now I found Vingle ^^
Omg this is beautiful....!!!!!!!!
@ashleyagwatu yes I do know. 😄 i live in a small town, so the amount of kpoppers here is next to zilch. when i found Kpop vingle, i found a new home n people who understand. I LOVE IT!! i feel so much better being able to talk to kpop fans as crazy as me. And yea, when i'm not so bogged down with work i barely have time to sleep, i do waste away here
@Kieuseru dude you don't even know... well actually you probably know exactly, but that's besides the point. I've been watching my life waste away on here since I found it. it's really kpop heaven, like, forget tumblr 😍
welcome to the craziness that is Kpop Vingle!! i know i was extremely happy when i found it!!
@DestinaByrd his expression is so on point that I just can't even right now....!!!!
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