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Ok, so I saw Mark wearing this hoodie in "Just Right" video by Got7, and then later saw it on Jungkook in a vingle post that I was tagged to. After my hoodie arrived, I saw online that a lot of Kpop idols wear it a lot. So is it like a new trend in the Kpop industry or what??? But whatever it is, I decided to create a collage and add a picture of myself wearing one of the hoodie in it too as a member of the Donut Hoodie Group. P.S. Forgive my ugliness @Tigerlily84 @moonchild03 @PamelaPanaloza @monicacerroblan @RihannaTiaMay @bbyiskatie @VIPFreak2NE1 @DeniseiaGardner @Azaraa @herreravanessa @katiems @Ercurrent @Starbell808 @annevixtoriaaa @AnnaArai @JorgeRAMME @SugalessJams @JeanNwagbuo @Jeppblackmen @kpopandkimchi @poojas @honeysoo @emealia @cindystran @btsgotshinee @3xxxxxx0 Also, if you'd like me to tag you in any post I make, please comment below and if you'd like not to be tagged, also comment below. Thank you. Much love
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@adetoro have you bought a lot from alexpress, I haven't bought anything from there so I was questioning if it was a safe site to but from.
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@SabrinaSakura it's a safe site. I buy all of my kpop merchandise on their website. The only thing I don't like about it is, it takes a long time for the merchandise to arrive. But besides that, I've had no issues with Aliexpress.
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@adetoro Thanks!
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@maddiedo I got it from Aliexpress.
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