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You are Cordially Invited...

To My Vingle Christmas/Holiday Party

@danidee I know you said to find or make Christmas Cards for all the Vinglers that think suits them. Well I decide to draw and decorate things that made me think of so many of you. I don't know why but Olaf reminds me of you. I feel as if you enjoy warm hugs. You are always caring. @ButterflyBlu you are as well Olaf For me. Virtual warm hugs to you both
@mchlyang @inplainsight I feel these reindeer antlers would be up your alley. Adorable with both your quirkiness and insights. Above all the humor you both have. @Robertmarsh @buddyesd
@VinMcCarthy @VKookie47 @TessStevens @terenailyn @AnnahiZaragoza @BeannachtOraibh I feel that we would bring the party rocking out and singing to bring the festivities to an uncontrollable amount of laughter and good times where the police might show up.
Thank you for coming to my Holiday Party were we drank eggnog and sang terrible songs. Some of us off key but all being happy and joyous. Thank you for dancing and cracking jokes. But most of all thanks for being on Vingle and interacting with me. P.s. did I do Olaf justice...I am worried I didn't draw him quite right? @LAVONYORK I added the I'm in love with Coquito Parody just for you. Man I love that parody!!
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Awww you're so sweet @VeronicaArtino!! :D Many hugs and lots of christmas cheer to you too beautiful lady :))) I think your Olaf is awesome!!! Especially with that nice touch of glitter ^^ I wish we really could all have a fun holiday party together!!
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I love how you tagged me twice in the second reindeer headband xD
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well more joy and cheer to you @RogueLeigh. @AlloBaber @shannonl5 @myguardian thank you all for attending. I feel like a minion. Glitter is my reason this season.
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very Beautiful.. thanks :)
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Omg thank you, Veronica!!! You know I'm always ready with a hug...and I DO love Olaf! *Hugs* Merry Christmas! Olaf was perfect, by the way! ☃🎁
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