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First off sorry for the big break I had. I know I haven't been posting latley, but now I'm back. This is Food War #4 and this one is between Ban (Seven Deadly Sins) vs Susanoo (Akame ga Kill). First there is Ban. Ban is an immortal knight who can bake a hell of a cake, but that's not all. His number one food fan is a pig and trust me pigs are not easily satisfied when it comes with food. Second there is Susanoo. Susanoo is a deadly assassin who can cook a big meal for other assassins. His number one fan is the main character Akame and Akame is like the Luffy in Akame ga Kill. So we can say Susanoo is kind of like Sanji. My vote goes for Susanoo. Comment yours! I'm keeping the Brock vs. Asuna Food War a little longer so vote for that too. See the other Food Wars and their results in the Food War Collection.