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Thanks @alywoah for the tag.
I don't do NY resolution, so here is my attempt at it.

1. Healthy Living

I started going to gym and eating healthier since about June of '15. I plan on continuing this. Since I am done with school, I will have more time to do more activities. I plan on picking up a few hobbies. Number one on the activity list is learn Asana Yoga and number two is to prep for Broad Street Run (10 Mile) in Spring. On top of that I also plan on practicing my shooting 1-2 days a week...don't look at me like that!! I mean basketball guys.

2. Eat Healthier

Part 2 of that first part is to eat healthier. This means taking nutrition class and learning about it. Practice this by cooking and meal prepping for the week. This will be a challenge as when I cook, I make steak and brocolli. Simple, pretty quick, and delish.

3. Travel

Growing up I don't have much and up to now school have been busy. As result this limited me to just travel back to my birth country to visit my sister (2x) and to Hong Kong to attend my brother's wedding. Other than that, I barely traveled domestically and internationally.
In fact, I have started to plan my trip for next year. I plan on traveling both domestic and international.

4. Complete Some Project

I started a couple of side projects during this year. However, due to time I couldn't finish them. So I plan on finishing them in the beginning of this upcoming year. I will probably share one here.

5. Learn

There is so much in this life that I have yet to learn and there will always be something to learn. Life is a teacher that never runs out of materials, there is always something. I want to get out of my comfort zone (thus the previous image, see the image on 3rd section). I want to learn more about people, experiences, and anything. Let me learn and open me eyes to more.
Now, you guys should share @humariaa @mchlyang @shannonl5 @christianmordi @InPlainSight @nicolejb @butterflyblu @danidee (I better laugh @daniedee, or else!!!!)
Sorry, if I missed your post about this. Let me know if you did do one.
Learning is a HUGE one for me too. I'm not in school anymore so I'm trying to actively make myself continuing my learning journey.
Thanks for the tag bud! But I've already done mine! @alywoah already tagged me before!
Awesome ideas! You're better at this than I am. What kind of side projects have you been working on? (You definitely don't have to share if you'd prefer not.)
yeah but it's always good to try even if u fail
You can check it out here --->
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