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It is time to announce the winner of this week's Funny Caption Challenge! There were 59 different entries this time around, and the winner is @exoexo - who submitted the caption posted above!
As the winner, her entry will be the Funny Community's Featured Card of the Week - aka the first card that all Vingle visitors will see when visiting the Funny Community! Plus, she'll get to choose the funny photo used for this week's challenge.
Congratulations, @exoexo! And to the rest of you who would like to get in on next week's Funny Caption Challenge, feel free to follow my Funny Caption Challenge collection to stay in the know!
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@CreeTheOtaku Thank you! I don't know what to do with my life! Hahaha!!!
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Hahaha that is hilarious cx congratulations!! ^^
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@RaquelArredondo Thank you! 😄
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